'distributed blasphemy'

image by Evil Pundit
Wretchard at Belmont Club has a fine post suggesting that radical islam can withstand anything--except mockery:
"That's why Bin Laden focuses his ire upon the Muhammed Cartoons, leaving his criticism of Iraq almost as an afterthought. Bin Laden has laid down the line against the Cartoons because he has to. It's a threat to his power-core; and even within his fully operational Ummah Battlestation he feels a great distrubance in the Force. And by so doing, he's revealed the Jihad's greatest weakness. He fears freedom; fears individuals unrestrained by the bonds of political correctness. And he fears, as anyone who has noticed his dour mien should have guessed, scorn and laughter above all.
We've got you now."
There are signs that this idea is going viral--will the islamist looneytoons riot and burn every outlet for these pics and cartoons worldwide? How are they going to intimidate and shut down millions of bloggers?

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