Party of Jobs?

LiveNews - The jobless rate has now dropped to four per cent, a level not seen since November 1974. Almost 48,000 people have found a full-time job and Treasurer Wayne Swan insists under Labor, there's more to come. “We are the Party of Jobs…We are the Party of Jobs!”
They never fail to tell us how terrible the Howard government was for not tackling inflation and stopping the rain or not bringing it. They use this excuse when people question why interest rates and other prices have gone up since Kevin Rudd was elected. They also squeal that the Howard government did nothing for 11 years on global warming. Alright fine, but if we are to accept all that, then they can't take the credit for the jobless rate dropping when we saw it start dropping from way back in 2007. Draw a line and from then onwards take the good and the bad, not just what suits you.

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