A boy, a knife, a tragedy

That's the headline folks [click thumbnail below], a little baby, just barely walking, stumbling around really, when this mean, nasty knife came along, jumped into his hands and as he was tripping it accidentally slid into his father, repeatedly. The poor, poor little boy, what a tragedy, hiss-boo at the knife. At this point I think they are expecting you all to break into hysterical wailing, sobbing and angrily demanding that the nanny state bloody 'do something', ban those nasty, vicious knives. But wait, they've already been banned, can't sell them to folks under 18, can't carry them and this might come as a shock, but stabbing someone is also against the law. Then dammit we need more laws, get the PM on the phone, more laws, more laws, ban those vicious, nasty little bastards, do something!
smh_boy_knife_headline.jpgSMH - HE LISTENED to heavy metal and played drums and violent video games, but it was a list naming those who had teased or wronged him that caught the attention of students at his Catholic private school. This was the 16-year-old in north-western Sydney who was charged yesterday with the stabbing murder of his father, 57, and the attempted stabbing murder of his mother, 50. Another resident said the parents were lovely but the boy was "a little strange".
Maybe he is just evil, but that's just too simple I guess, so we'll need to complicate everything, bring the shrinks, social workers, ban video games, TV and all that, coddle the killer, it can't just be him, society, capitalism, America, Christianity, whitey perhaps. If found guilty, since he is under 18, I'm thinking 5-10 years in juvenile detention at the most, unless he pleads manslaughter and the knife is actually blamed, then maybe two years and he will never be named, new identity, location, home etc, screw community safety. They're always the last to know in everything, they are the masters you know and are deserving of the most contempt and loathing, go figure.

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