Shock/Horror - Leftists caught being loose with the truth - FEDERAL Environment Minister Peter Garrett has been forced to admit the Government is considering a checkout charge on plastic shopping bags. Last week, Mr Garrett said reports the charge was being considered were "incorrect". But, after The Sunday Telegraph presented Mr Garrett's office with transcripts of his own departmental officials outlining the plan, an embarrassed Environment Minister yesterday conceded the supermarket slug on shoppers was on the table.
Whilst we're on the subject of embarrassments and morally questionable behavior, it seems our chief leftist running this country doesn't trust the lefties closest to him. I don't blame him on this, credit to him actually. I mean if I had this bunch working for me, I'd want to know about their past & present antics too. It's lefties we're talking about here folks, if they told you it's raining outside, you'd better go and confirm for yourself.
LiveNews - Staff working for the Rudd government have been ordered to fill out a bizarre twenty-five page questionnaire that grills them about their sex and drug history. The deep probe is part of security clearance, and is aimed at protecting them from blackmail. The staffers are being asked to list their history of sexual partners, reveal extra-marital affairs and detail homosexual experiences before gaining a security clearance. The 300 ministerial and electorate office staff have also been asked about their personal finances and drug habits.
Is it just me or does this questionnaire seem like it's asking to list their little secrets, not whether they have them or not? Almost as if they're just assuming these folks have been doing these things. If that's the case, it sounds a bit judgmental doesn't it, very un-left like I think, then again probably warranted.

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