When all cultures and religions are deemed 'equal'

Daily Mail - Canon Michael Ainsworth, 57, was kicked and punched in the head as one of the attackers screamed "f***ing priest". He was left lying on the ground with deep cuts, bruising and two black eyes. The attack took place in the early evening after Canon Ainsworth politely asked three Asian youths who had gathered in the churchyard to quieten down. The incident happened outside St George-in-the-East Church in Wapping, East London. It has regularly had windows smashed by youths - who on one occasion shouted: "This should not be a church, this should be a mosque." The church is situated in the heart of Tower Hamlets where the majority of the population - some 57 per cent - belong to black and ethnic minority groups. A third are of a Bangladeshi background.
I think it's safe to assume the attackers were Muslims even though the media is at pains to describe them as 'asian'. You see, the above incident at the church in Wapping, East London is the end result of the west accepting multiculturalism brought in by the left, we were told all cultures are equal and all religions the same. However as we can see, the end result is that some cultures & religions become more equal, the ones that are prepared to fight and use violence to advance their cause that is. Throw in gun control and political correctness and it's like the perfect storm, the law-abiding natives are paralyzed. Now that a brick has been thrown through the window and a priest bashed up, who will stop it and fight back? Who has the will to fight and CAN?

The average British citizen has to call the cops and wait for them to come, when they come and if they catch the fellows, they still can't do much, they can put them in jail if you're lucky. What happens in jail, their toilets are rearranged and their every need is attended to, the top officials running the place grovel and apologize when they are offered ham-sandwiches. That is a message of weakness and more weakness. When a brick comes through the window you either have one of two options, send bullets back out or you quietly close down and do what they tell you to. Outsourcing the problem is only delaying the inevitable. Like the ambushes against French police, European politicians trying to ban movies that are deemed offensive to certain religions and the news that some women in Britain did not know that child birth is painful, these are signs, signs that Europe is going quietly into the night.

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