We pay for the scourge of alcohol abuse

I saw this on Channel 9's 60 Minutes last night; this sort of thing really gets me riled up. I cannot understand this culture of alcohol abuse that's undermining our society, why do we need to jump on the booze at every opportunity we get. Are we simply incapable of having fun or a good time without being completely drunk out of our minds?
Sixty Minutes | Video Here - TARA BROWN: Joey's story with alcohol started out fairly typically — a weekend binge drinker like so many other Australian women. In the last decade, the number of women drinking at dangerous levels has doubled. Here in Brisbane, Jo, Kim, Emily, Nicole and Belinda meet up once a week where most have on average 15 drinks and some nights it can be as many as 30. Do you think more women are drinking now, than ever before?
NICOLE: Oh, definitely — yep, yep.
TARA BROWN: And why do you think that is?
JO: Because we've got money.
KIM: And it's also to do with equality as well.
TARA BROWN: Equality?
JO: Women have got their own dispensable income now. Women are working, woman can account for all the money that they're making now, so we can go out and have a good time. We don't need the boys there.
NICOLE: And if the blokes can do it, why can't we, really?
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