DoCS under fire, again!!

SMH - Police are speaking to the parents of a three-year-old girl after she was severely bashed at their home in Sydney's south-west overnight. Emergency staff were called to the house in Dobu Place, Glenfield, about 10.30pm after being alerted by a Department of Community Services worker, police said.

And you guessed it. I think it's time the state government issued a statement to the public about this, we need to know how many children need to die before they move of their useless asses and string these worthless parents up from a tall tree for this dreadful evil that they keep committing.

LiveNews - DoCS has admitted a toddler apparently assaulted in Sydney’s southwest was known to the department. The toddler was found by police at a home at Glenfield overnight, she had severe injuries to her face and bruises to her body. The three-year-old was rushed to Liverpool Hospital and is now recovering in Westmead Children's Hospital. Her mother and her partner have been questioned by police.

Just on Shellay Ward, the last I heard, the parents are denying any knowledge or responsibility for their child starving to death. That's right folks, children just starve to death, whilst living in a room in their own filth, this sort of thing just happens you know. It could happen to anyone, you just don't see this sort of thing coming folks. Yeah blather, blather, get the rope, find a tree.

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