Shock/Horror - Greens lying sacks of crap

Back when these lying sacks of crap were running in the state election they were telling us to vote for them for transparency and to hold the major parties to account. I knew that was BS then and it's still BS now, the only transparency and accountability the Greens are interested in pushing are against the Conservatives. They'll do anything folks, it's the fight of their lives, they'll lie, cheat, steal, any bloody thing to win this election.
Brisbane Times - THE Greens have split over the controversy surrounding the Labor candidate for Wentworth, George Newhouse, as they fight off accusations of hypocrisy and betrayal. The Greens' federal leader, Bob Brown, decried the behaviour of his NSW colleagues yesterday after they sided with the State Government and voted to block the release of documents potentially damaging to Mr Newhouse. He said that in doing so, the Greens broke the party's long-held principle of transparency in government. Mr Newhouse and the NSW Minister for Fair Trading, Linda Burney, have refused to release his resignation letter, despite calls from the Liberals, who want to establish whether Mr Newhouse resigned retrospectively after he nominated for the federal election. Yesterday's decision by the Greens not to support the Opposition means the letter will remain secret.
Just on Malcolm Turnbull, I heard him being interviewed on the radio yesterday evening, I don't think I've heard him speak prior to this and I have to say the man really knows what he's talking about and he can really hold his ground and defend his stance. The interviewer almost always has his head screwed on properly, but he kinda lost it yesterday when the subject turned to whaling. He kept pushing Turnbull, demanding that we send a warship to interfere with the Japanese but Turnbull stuck to his guns and politely explained that sending a warship down there would only make things worse. We might even be obligated to stop that Sea Shepard from interfering with whaling and therefore assisting the Japanese. It's people like him with cool & calm heads that we need to run this country, not irrational, loony leftists. Dr Tim Flannery confirms by the way.

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