The piper is at the door

Yahoo!7 News - In another of Mr Rudd's priorities, the Labor leader says any apology to Indigenous Australians will only be made after adequate consultation with Aboriginal communities. Aboriginal elder Lowitja O'Donoghue says an apology from Mr Rudd would be meaningless unless he uses the symbolically-important word "sorry".
The Australian - THE ACT will use the election of Kevin Rudd to push again for gay civil unions, blocked by the Coalition twice in the past. ACT chief minister Jon Stanhope today said he looked forward to a better relationship with the Commonwealth under Labor and would be looking for support for its bill. "We have a clear mandate in government to pursue reform," he told ABC radio.

This is what the left are all about, we didn't hear much about all this during the election did we. I'm not so sure that most Australians will be happy with the above, but when the media refuse to ask the tough questions, then it falls to us to do our homework and a bit of remembering. I saw Bob Brown the other day, with a beaming smile telling us, now that we have a new PM, we would have a more "just" Australia. The left are still the same, they haven't changed, they just kept real quiet so you wouldn't notice. Maybe we didn't do our homework or this is what we want, either way it's time to pay the piper.

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