That's what I call, over the top!!

FOXNews - The Hoboken, N.J., SWAT team was axed from the department on Friday after pictures surfaced showing Hooters waitresses posing with their guns, sprawled on top of police vehicles and dangling off the shoulders of officers, reports. Public Safety Director Bill Bergin, who was sworn in on Friday, disbanded the SWAT team after controversy over the photos, which were taken two years ago at an Alabama Hooters as the officers returned from a Hurricane Katrina relief mission. Hoboken created the public safety director position to oversee the police and fire departments.

Geez people, cut the guys some slack will ya, we're all happy for gay sex, gay porn, all porn, adult stores and pushing sexuality down throats of little children and teaching them about oral sex. However when a couple of highly trained police officers take some pictures with scantily clad women, not butt naked or something, we're getting all worked up over it. Give em' a kick up the backside if you want but don't disband them, after all are you going to call the local ball busting femi-nazi club when gang thugs are kicking your door in? I guess if they had been participating in a gay-pride march and taking pictures there, it would be OK.

FOXNews - A first-grade Oregon student was suspended after drawing a picture depicting one stick figure pointing a gun at another. Douglas Weathers, the boy's father, told the Mail Tribune that the drawing was harmless, and that 6-year-old Ryan was punished merely for copying something he had seen on an episode of "The Simpsons" TV show.

Again another knee-jerk irrational hatred of guns, perhaps in the moron leftist world you can point flowers at each other when your taking heat. Heaven forbid that little boy were to grow up wanting to own a gun to protect himself and his family, can't have that, no way, that would mean the leftist voter base would have a slightly harder life stealing and murdering in society.

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