There goes the surplus.. - KEVIN Rudd has told world leaders he will sign the Kyoto Protocol on climate change within weeks and has ordered senior bureaucrats to act quickly to draft new industrial relations laws. Mr Rudd yesterday summoned senior bureaucrats to Brisbane for briefings, including talks on the timing of the Kyoto ratification, which formed a central part of Labor's policy on climate change. Unions, which backed Labor with a massive anti-Work Choices advertising campaign, are already agitating for Labor to act quickly and honour its promise to dump Mr Howard's workplace laws. John Robertson, head of Unions NSW, called for retrospective laws that would allow people who had already signed Australian Workplace Agreements to escape them. Mr Rudd will also face pressure from within Labor ranks to water down the Howard government's Northern Territory intervention program, with many concerned it is too draconian.

There goes the future of Aborigines, Mal Brough got the boot and he's quiting, you're on your own guys. I'm not sure but I think Kevin Rudd will say "sorry" or was that "apologize", but I think that's about all, look on the bright side, the hated white man won't "steal" any of you from poverty and no future. So much for Work Choices, even if you want it, you probably won't get them, sorry your rights at work doesn't extend to "Choices". Kyoto, bring it on Kevin, bring it on, sign it, the we can all start coughing up a bit extra for lights, we'll owe other countries money, but hey it'll get colder right, can we sign the wretched thing before the bush fires start.

Just on a side note, I'm having a hard time finding anything about "working families" after the election from Kevin Rudd, have they all retired now, did they all die or something? And another thing I saw Morris Iemma (our State Premier) on TV, he's alive and well folks. I thought aliens had abducted him and were conducting painful experiments on him prior to the election, they couldn't even find his DNA, but he's OK folks, call off the posse, don't worry, Morris our brave & dear leader has returned.

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