Defending your castle - Wrong country mate

Man shoots teenager trespassing in his backyard - A Canberra man allegedly shot a teenager in the hip after finding the boy in his backyard early yesterday morning. The 63-year-old's due to face the ACT Magistrates Court today charged with intentionally inflicting grievous bodily harm and possessing unauthorised firearms. Police say the man found the 16-year-old in his Downer backyard at about 2.30 yesterday afternoon and shot him. Officers searched the older man's home last night and allegedly found two unauthorised firearms and a large amount of ammunition. The victim's being treated in hospital.

If he was over in America, they'd probably shrug it off, no problem, scumbag caught in the backyard, shouldn't have been there, thanks for not killing him, maybe he'll change his ways. Over here, no way, don't work like that son, you're not allowed a gun old chap, we don't care if the scumbag has a gun or not. You are not allowed one, period. We prefer the headline, old timer bashed and robbed [shock/horror], police looking for teenager, call crime stoppers. If all your lifesavings were stolen, tough sh*t, go to centrelink, nobody cares for the law-abiding. You're not allowed to defend your castle, if you do, you're the bad guy and the crim is suddenly the "victim", quick - somebody get baby whatever he wants.

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