Kevin07, new t-shirts, same old Socialists and Commies

I read in all the papers this morning that there is a big fiasco over the seat of Wentworth, currently held by the Liberals Malcolm Turnbull. Apparently the challenger George Newhouse could be derailed by some technicality, naturally he's blaming his own screw-up on the neo-con, Howard cabal of fascists. I'm not terribly concerned about that, in the all the hoopla over that, an important bit of news is slipping by and I think this is more important.
But the Opposition Leader's pledge that the parents of private school students would not be worse off under Labor was undermined yesterday by the party's star candidate for the NSW marginal seat of Eden-Monaro, Mike Kelly, who flagged a return to Mark Latham's needs-based funding model. Mr Kelly told an ABC radio interviewer that the existing system of funding private schools was "a ridiculous approach to looking at the needs of schools, and we'll move away from that and get down eventually to a proper needs-based approach".
Just on this education rebate that Howard is proposing, just so you know, it's not John Howard writing cheques to all Aussie families with kids or something. He's not going to be throwing cash out the window of his car as he shuffles off somewhere, they just get to pay $800 less in tax if they use that much for their children's education expenses and not cheese burgers. So I don't know why everyone's carrying on about economic ruin around the corner and nasty rich folk helping themselves to your organs. This is what differentiates John Howard from the Labor party, leftists think that the money you make is theirs, so to those parasites, allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned is the same as them giving you money.
He later apologised and retracted the statement, but the Prime Minister, campaigning on his own education policies at a Catholic school in the Brisbane seat of Dickson, seized on the gaffe to accuse Labor of planning to revive former leader Mr Latham's controversial 2004 hit list of rich schools to suffer funding cuts under a Labor government. The Australian.
Peter Garrett might have been joking when he said Labor would go back to it's old socialist roots once elected, junking all this economic conservative, fiscally responsible waffle they feed to the lazy media. But it looks more and more like that's what the Labor party are thinking, no matter what Kevin Rudd thinks or says. So you know all those me-too tax cuts that Kevin Rudd is endorsing, well don't start crying and wailing if they tell you to get stuffed if you vote for them and the election's over.

Make no mistake, the slogans are nice and roll off the tongue, but they'll all be gone once the election is over, the thinking within the party of socialists and whatever else is that you who work hard for your money should be taxed to the eye balls to support those who don't. You who work your backsides off to send your children to private schools, because you're tired of the PC nonsense shoved down their throats in public schools, are somehow bad and should be punished, that's the thinking, so keep that in mind.

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