Doh!! Election's this weekend folks

LiveNews - Navy personnel have rescued sixteen people from a dangerously overcrowded boat off Australia's northwest. It was a high-risk operation in the open ocean from an unstable ten-metre boat, which has seen eight people fall into the water - including two personnel from HMAS Ararat. Brigadier Andrew Nikolic says it is not yet known where the people came from - or where they were heading.

Wrong week folks, you should have turned up after the leftists get into power, then you'll get free everything and can stay here for ever. You won't have to worry about a thing, you can hate Australia and all that, the leftists will make sure the rest of us are forced to look after you and take care of you then.

In other news, our hard working media are really all over KRudd folks, all over him, battering him with tough, scathing questions, you almost feel sorry for the guy. I mean come on press gallery, lay off the bloke will ya - "Mr Rudd was asked whether the success of his wife Therese Rein's business meant she would make a better Prime Minister than him." Somebody stop them before they interrogate him, without his lawyer, about his favorite color and when he knew Ms. Rein was the woman partner for him.

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