Britain's population increase, read the fine print

Daily Mail - Britain's population could soar to 90million over the next 50 years. The dramatic increase, fuelled by immigration and a rising birth rate, would add more than 50 per cent to today's population and put enormous pressure on housing, transport and public services. The estimate has been increased due to the surge in immigration in the past two years, particularly from the new EU states in eastern Europe.
Official statisticians now expect net immigration to run at 190,000 a year for years to come. Birthrate estimates have also been increased as immigrant women have, on average, more children than British-born women. The overall UK average is 1.84 babies. The average for British-born women is 1.6 and for foreign-born women 2.2. The highest birthrate in the UK is among Pakistani-born women, who have an average of 4.7 children each. Last year, 22 per cent of births in the UK were to foreign-born women.

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