Shock/Horror - Assaults up 1000 a week

We have a culture of disrespect, binge drinking, weak courts with pathetic sentencing [$500 fine for bashing 2 women], a police 'service' that has to watch its back all the time, a population that is disarmed, a culture of no personal responsibility and we're surprised that violence is up and people are getting assaulted and belted up all over the place!!!
SMH - There has been a sharp rise in the number of assaults over the past year, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics data, which has left the authorities scratching their heads. The data shows a rise to 241,400 in the year to April, up from 189,700 a year earlier. Mr Don Weatherburn, the head of the Bureau of Crime Statistics said he was unsure of the reasons for the rise. "One explanation is the police aren't reporting all incidents.
The evidence is right before you, in places like Washington D.C., Chicago, California, Maryland, New York where they enacted tougher Gun ownership laws violent crime increased. We, all across Australia, enacted gun bans, can't carry one and can't keep it at home in a useful fashion either. Gee, you'd think we'd have a bit less crime wouldn't you, if anything it ought to be falling right, guess again folks. I say start calling to get your guns back and even the playing field, send a few bullets back at the scumbags. Or you can join those authorities and scratch your collective heads Australia. The criminals and scumbags are most happy for you to do that, less interference for them you see.

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