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SMH - The act of ratifying the Kyoto Protocol may create headaches for the incoming Labor government, an international law expert says. Without domestic legislation in place the new government could be in breach of its international legal obligations. Prime Minister-elect Kevin Rudd has said he will ratify the global greenhouse gas reduction agreement when he attends a meeting of world leaders in Bali next month.

During the campaign, he was going to sign Kyoto in micro-seconds after WorkChoices was burnt at Telstra stadium, gee I thought this was already done. What the hell PM Rudd, you have a mandate, what about the plans you told us about, didn't you know about all this? What's all this about flying off to Bali in carbon-belching planes for meetings and lawyers, we're going into Bushfire season soon mate. I mean we're all going to die from heat just now aren't we, we don't have time to dither, sign it and kick it through. Australia has to show leadership, fresh ideas and all that, for the love of Gaia, think of the working families and their children.

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