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Lateline - BOB BROWN: We're in a box seat to be a world saving country. John Howard's put us at the back of the class. I want to see Kevin Rudd put us at the front of the class. And I'll be there with him working all the way down the line.
February 09, 2007 - GREENS Senator Bob Brown is calling for the death of Queensland's $24 billion coal industry and thousands of jobs, demanding an end to all coal exports within three years.

Bob Brown obviously has the idea that he'll be quite close to Kevin Rudd if he becomes PM, you want this Brown fellow in charge of the economy. Like the ad says, they'll stuff our economy, if you let them. Also Kevin Rudd has indicated he'll be angling for a fixed four year term, that means if he wins on the weekend, we might be stuck with him and the mad Greens for the next four years, not three.

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