This is the angry & envious left

The following is a comment left at my "Why I think John Howard will win this election" post from a few weeks ago. Apart from the usual name calling and hatred, the last bit about our pockets being full is quite telling. I don't know if people out there get this, in a way because John Howard and the Conservatives have been in power for so long at the Federal level, we've been immune from the left wing parasites, unless we look at the state governments. At the core of leftist ideology lies a dislike for you who work hard, keeping the fruits of your labour, they will never get over that.
lucy - You’re an idiot..obviously a Liberal. Your mob are going doooown. Good riddance to the end of the nastiest era I’ve ever known in Australia. Some people might have a fuller purse but our system is falling apart..our hospitals, our public schools, our safety net no more. A lot of people have suffered greatly under this government, aboriginals, immigrants, refugees, poor people, sick people, and now with work choices not even the middle class is immune. Your pockets won’t be full for long if Libs get in again.
Out here in NSW, the hospitals are falling apart under Labor, besides Kevin Rudd is only going to "fix it all up" somewhere at the tail end of 2009. In reality leftists don't give a rats ass about the poor, refugees or aboriginals, it's the politics of envy and bitterness. They are so angry that you lot have been progressively allowed to keep more and more of the money you've earned, the "nastiest era". Since I've been working under this wretched Howard government, my pay check has only gotten bigger, people close to me have gotten jobs easier, with better pay, better hours and better conditions. If that's nasty, dammit I want more.

It's hard to swallow for the lucy types out there but if you really care about the things she was banging on about, don't vote Labor/Greens, if you like your Super savings, don't vote Labor/Greens, if you like working hard and think you deserve your pay, don't vote Labor/Greens. If you like the environment, don't vote Labor/Greens, Dr Tim Flannery confirms - "Greens leader Bob Brown has attacked environmental scientist Dr Tim Flannery for endorsing Federal Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull. In The Age newspaper today the Australian of the Year says he would vote for Mr Turnbull, and that Federal Parliament needs more people like him to tackle climate change."

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