Tony Blair’s Legacy

Daily Mail - English children's literacy levels are among the worst in the Western world, a devastating international survey has revealed. England has plummeted down a global league table of reading standards among primary school children, sliding from third place five years ago to 19th. We now trail Scotland, the United States, most of Europe including France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and the Baltic states. The findings explode ministers' claims that standards have continually risen under Labour, which has doubled education spending on schools and nurseries to £50billion-a-year. At least £600million has been invested in primary school literacy initiatives alone since 1998. Yet our showing in independent international tests suggests that, far from improving, the performance of England's primary pupils has actually declined.

How many years has it been since Tony Blair and New Labor, out here in Australia we have a leftist promising an 'Education Revolution'. Look to the above if you want to know what lies ahead of us. Is there anything the left touch, that doesn't turn to crap. I read earlier in the week how Maori and Pacific Islander children in New Zealand are worse off than children of other ethnic groups, who's been running New Zealand for the last couple of years, who claims to "CARE" the most for them. Look on the bright side, they might not know how to read and write, but I'm sure they know how evil America is and how mean and horrible Christians are and how evil the British Empire was and how wretched the white man is and how wonderful all other cultures are, and off course Islam=Peace, all the important things in the new leftist utopia. Oh, and rest assured the leftist's answer will be to steal more money from the tax payer and put even more billions into education.

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