Everyday we roll the dice

We have laws people, laws coming out of our backsides, if you printed all the laws, you wouldn't be able to pole-vault over them. Laws against crime, banning guns, knives, swords, jails, police, hotlines and all that. We probably have laws we don't even know about. But they carry guns and knives and sledgehammers anyway, in broad daylight fearing nothing and no one.
ABC News - Three men armed with guns and sledge hammers threatened staff and tried to get into the safe area at a Newtown bank just before 1:00pm (AEDT). About two hours later, police say three men armed with black and silver handguns and a sledge hammer went into a bank at St George. Police allege staff were threatened and a sum of cash was taken from the teller before the men left in a blue car. It is believed the car, described leaving the scene of both robberies, is a stolen blue sedan with registration GB-735.
The West - Police said an altercation broke out between three groups of men about 2pm (AEDT) on Thursday outside Grappa restaurant on Norton Street, Leichhardt. Detective Inspector Peter Bailey said two of the groups involved in the fight fled in cars. A member of the third group of men, who ran from the area, pumped bullets into one of the cars as it headed south down the busy restaurant strip.
Everyday we buy the lie, the lie that we're safer for banning guns, safer for our strict gun laws, safer because we've handed our guns over and outsourced our safety. No Australia, you are not safer, you're just lucky. Lucky you weren't at the bank in Newtown, lucky you didn't get in the way at the bank in St. George and lucky you didn't freeze on Norton street outside the Grappa restaurant, Leichhardt.

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