Don't Tell Me Bush Was Right

By AR - Remember stupid old religious nut George W Bush and how he opposed scientific research on stem cells because they came from human embryos? Even though that research would have had Christopher Reeve walking again, and Michael J Fox cured of Parkinson's? All opposed because taking the stem cells required the destruction of the embryo which stoopid anti-science Dubya equates with destruction of human life even though they're just cells in a petri dish. Dopey George tried to tell us science had to find a better way. There is no better way, dumbo. Nothing beats fresh stem cells harvested from a healthy young embryo. Does it? Seems Bush was right all along...

"The scientific team from the University of Wisconsin-Madison created genetic modifications in skin cells to induce the cells into what scientists call a pluripotent state — a condition that is essentially the same as that of embryonic stem cells."

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