There are more losers in post-apartheid South Africa
The number of South Africans living on less than $1 a day has more than doubled in a decade since shortly after the end of apartheid.

The South African Institute of Race Relations survey said 4.2m people were living on $1 a day in 2005.

This is up from 1.9m in 1996, two years after the first all-race elections.

"Poverty has increased both in absolute numbers and proportionally," SAIRR said in a statement, blaming the rise on unemployment and HIV/Aids.
Despite good economic growth in recent years, unemployment has remained consistently high at about 26%.

SAIRR says poverty is also increasing among the white population while inequality was growing among the black population.
I wonder how many of those idealistic idiots--most of whom had never been to South Africa--who protested against the whites will accept some responsibility for this and recognise that their actions actually harmed far more black Africans than they helped?
They're by and large the same morons who protest about climate change and "sweated labour" nowadays. Fools. Unaccountable fuckwits.

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