Gun Control - Who's the dumbass!!

Folks, we've progressed far into that magical land of stupidity and the tooth fairy, we no longer use nasty guns and such rudimentary tools to protect ourselves. We bought the lie told by the gun-control and weapons-fearing fools of this world, in this magical world of ours we resort to that thing called the AVO (apprehended violence order). It's powers are magical folks, you just need to believe, until the world of the violent and evil collide with yours and you'll find the tooth fairy and the gun-control fool isn't around to explain their position. Since we banned guns and knives and all violence, you'd think we'd be a bit safer wouldn't you. The following just happened over a few days, read the paper ever week and you'll see that crime is on the rise, people are getting shot, stabbed, raped, bashed, robbed everywhere in this country.

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