Manufactured "news"?

"Police investigate hoon video

WEST Australian police are investigating a video posted on the internet showing a police car doing "doughnuts" in a paddock.

The video, posted on YouTube, shows what appears to be a WA police car doing "doughnuts" in a red dusty paddock before onlookers.
A police spokesman said it was possible the video was taken near showgrounds in Carnamah, a small country town in the northern wheatbelt, in the state's midwest region, last September.

He said police were investigating and would comment later today."
On the face of it, a couple of irresponsible Police officers having fun and setting a bad example, right? A tasty little news story...
I got an email from a friend this morning who knows what actually happened.
(parts of the mail redacted to protect his privacy)

"They were at the Community Fair and were asked by the organisers of the fair to do some precision driving. It was done in full view of the whole fucking town at special request with safety barriers set up in front of the crowd.

deleted (who was driving) has been stood down pending investigation and they wanted to do it to the passenger as well.

Ch 7 News tonight even had the mayor of the town on the phone saying how they were requested to do it for the community fair..

This is just another beat up and witch hunt by people who want to disarm our police and want the right to misbehave any way they want and I'd like that to be known."
Can't have citizens getting behind their local Police officers, can we? Why, at this rate the interests of the communities they serve will come before the wishes of the latte' lefties!

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