The savages won't get their blood, for now

Daily Mail - A British teacher accused of insulting Muslims after her class called a teddy bear Mohammed was found guilty and jailed for 15 days, a defence lawyer said tonight. Gillian Gibbons, 54, was ordered to be deported after she had completed her sentence. Robert Boulos, head of Unity high school where Gibbons worked, said: "We are happy with the verdict. It is fair. There were a lot of political pressures and attention." He added: "We will be very sad to lose her."

I read last night that some of the savages were calling for her execution, so much tolerance ey. Oh well, I'm thankful the poor woman didn't get the 40 lashes, she just has to hang in there for 10 more days and she'll be on her way home, having experienced the peace, tolerance and love of Islam in all it's glory. Unfortunately with the way things are going back home, I hope she won't assume that this sort of thing could never happen in Britain. Now, you will remember that all cultures are equal and you lot are just the same as these savages in Sudan, won't you.

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