More ALP Abuse - and Yes - Corruption. . .

Note the charge of pork barrelling and corruption today, concerning the Regional Partnerships Program?

Now note the underlying story:
Outcomes for regional Australia: a showcase of RPP and SRP projects

4.1 As noted previously, the Government Senators of this Committee are concerned that the majority report reflects predetermined, politically motivated conclusions. The partisan nature of this inquiry is demonstrated by the case studies to the report.
The majority report has focussed in detail on only six projects, where the ALP members believe they can score some political ‘points’ by amplifying perceived faults and minor administrative issues. The majority report has bypassed the overwhelming body of evidence relating to the Regional Partnerships and Sustainable Regions programs, that is, the hundreds of successful projects delivering real outcomes to communities all over Australia.

4.2 The Government Senators cannot let this report stand without providing some balance to the evidence presented. Below we canvass just some of the highly successful projects delivered by the Australian Government, in partnership with state and local governments and the community, through the RP and SR programs.....
I suspected as much when the story broke today; it was just too good to be true (for the ALP, that is).

Now watch the media ignore the depth of this story, and the lying from the Australian ALP - anything it takes.

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