Come In. Kick My Head In. Destroy My Family.

By AR - A South Australian man has been charged by police with "aggravated cause serious harm" for stabbing a man with a samurai sword. This may seem an horrendous crime until you read further...
The man charged by police was defending his family against an alleged home invader who was attempting to break through the front door at about 1.00AM. The homeowner appeared on Sky News holding his toddler baby: "What am I supposed to do?" he asked. "Say 'Come in. Kick my head in. Destroy my family'"?
According the the charged man, he gave several warnings that he was armed with a sword, all to no avail. He stabbed the alleged invader through the security screen, and the injured man staggered away to a nearby house where a neighbour called an ambulance.
We'll be watching this story with interest., ABC News.

MK - You know the old saying, the law is a ass, well we allowed the state to take our guns, they took our freedom and our rights as well. Now we have to sit on our asses and take the kicking until the scumbag is tired. Alternatively you can defend yourself and face the courts and jail for your trouble. The choice is yours, bastard option or sob option, choose wisely.

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