Congratulations Prime Minister Rudd

It's finally over folks, Australia has chosen and we have a new prime minister. I gotta say to the leftists, certainly took you long enough, enjoy it while it lasts. Soon you will realize the object of your irrational loathing and hate is gone.

Take heart Conservatives, there aren't many good things in this for us, but for once we won't have to listen to the incessant whining from the left, after all now that their leader has been elected and it's wall to wall Labor in this country, they cannot blame any thing on us anymore, it's all Labor and the left now. If they want to hate someone, they'll just have to hate their own choice now. I for one will enjoy playing offense.

Interest rates going up, sorry guys, don't look here, economic conservatives are on the left now.
Lose your job, sorry don't look here, Labor ran for your rights at work and to tear up IR.
Grocery & petrol prices going up, sorry don't look here, Labor's supposed to be "in touch".
Public health falling apart, sorry don't look here, the buck stops with Kevin Rudd.
Public Education down the crapper, sorry don't look here, the revolution starts with Labor.
Taxes going up, sorry don't look here; fresh ideas are on the left.
Roads getting worse, sorry don't look here; Kevin Rudd has all the new directions.
Strike action and work stoppages; sorry don't look here, your rights at work.
Rising unemployment, sorry don't look here, your rights at work.
Storms, heat, cold and drought, sorry don't look here, read the fine print on Kyoto.
Slow internet, sorry don't look here, goto
Carbon tax, sorry don't look here, you wanted climate change.
Crime going up, sorry don't look here, wall to wall Labor.
Declining surplus, sorry don't look here; somebody has to pay for fresh ideas and new leadership.
Australia not going the way you want it to, sorry don't look here, they never said fresh ideas were good ones or that new leadership was good leadership.

Thank you to John Howard for leading this nation so well, for so long, remember this, many of us voted for you not because we disliked Kevin Rudd, but because we liked you and what you did for this country. You must be so relieved to be free, free at last from all the hate and hostility from the left and the media, you've earned your peace, we wish you well and thank you once again.

When I wrote my final words on the election, I ended by saying, ignorance is bliss. Let me end this by saying, there's another saying, Prime Minister Rudd, careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

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