Should've been 3 teens shot in self-defense

Three teens charged over man's bashing murder - Three teenagers have been charged over the brutal bashing murder of a man in Sydney’s south. Up to five males set upon the 20-year-old man just before midnight on Saturday night and Woolooware Oval. He was punched and kicked in the head. He died later in hospital from the injuries. Yesterday police arrested three local 16-year-olds and charged them with murder. They'll face Parramatta Children's Court today.

Another fellow, probably just living his life, is dead, kicked and bashed to death, unable to defend himself and not allowed to defend himself. Whether he saw it coming or not, he was on his own against the scumbags who shouldn't be alive today. The headline should have been, brave man shoots 3 attackers in self-defense. Instead they'll go before the court, didn't know that kicking and bashing a man in the head would kill him, all so terrible, we were having such a good time, he shouldn't have been there, blah, effing blah. The judge or magistrate will see the poor babies and give them 3 or 4 years for man-slaughter with parole in 2 or something useless and worthless like that. Up the calcium supplements folks, maybe it'll strengthen your skull-bone.

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