Labor thugs & bullies

LiveNews - Labor and the unions are being accused of playing dirty in the campaign for the southwest Sydney seat of Macarthur. Liberal member Pat Farmer says his house has been vandalised and campaign posters and an advertising balloon have been destroyed. He believes the people responsible were bussed in from outside the area. Mr Farmer has told 2GB’s Alan Jones that suspicion is based on the unexpected arrival of some visitors during one of his regular public forums. “I had a double-decker brand-new Mercedes bus pull-up beside us,” he said. “This thing was painted in orange and black writing [anti] WorkChoices – it must have cost them a fortune.”

Give them half the chance and they'll lie, cheat, steal, intimidate and vandalize their way into the top job folks. Kevin Rudd can waffle around on the FM stations and latte-lefty TV shows, he can appear on Rove and answer the really tough questions like "Who would he turn gay for", but if he gets the top job, those same thugs and bullies will be at Kirribilli house. They'll be banging the table for their pound of flesh and he'll have to bit his lip and appease them and that'll cost you.

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