Labor's "battlers" caught out

Daily Telegraph - In a major embarrassment for the ALP, The Daily Telegraph can today reveal the real lives of the professional actors driving anti-Government sentiment through their hard-luck stories. As lead singer of the Robbie Williams tribute act, Bowater is the next best thing to the real thing singing Rock DJ, Better Man and Sin Sin Sin while half-naked dancers swoon over his tattooed rock-god body.
But appearing as an angry worker in his paid gig in the ALP's anti-Howard ad campaign, Bowater sings a very different tune from his alter-ego. "Last time I voted for you, I believed you when you said interest rates wouldn't go up. Now you're retiring anyway so, what's the point? Sorry mate, not this time," he says to Prime Minister John Howard. Bowater was unavailable for comment yesterday because he was working in Singapore and will not return until Saturday, when he goes straight into the recording studio.

The mother of two questioning Mr Howard's statement that "working families have never had it so good" has spawned a Facebook group called, "I hate the whiney bitch in the Labor ads". It now has more than 1200 members making venomous comments against the woman for her whiney voice and her constant whingeing while "standing in her McMansion in front of her overpriced stainless steel fridge". The woman in the ads is Emma Jane Hyland, a professional voice actor who can be heard on various radio and TV commercials.

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