Fathers, less rights than rapists and murderers

Daily Mail - A woman who became pregnant after a one-night stand yesterday won the right to keep the existence of her baby a secret from its father. In a landmark decision, three Appeal Court judges agreed that the 20-year-old single mother has "the ultimate veto" over whom should be told about the child, who is being put up for adoption. Describing the case as "on any view extraordinary", Lord Justice Thorpe ruled there was no justification for "breaking open the mother's secret". And Lady Justice Arden said this was not a violation of the father's rights to family life under the Human Rights Act because he had no rights to be violated.

Funny how the father of a child has no rights to family life under the Human Rights Act but rapists and violent murderers have a special place in that Act, trust leftist scum to care for and protect their most treasured pets.

Daily Mail - ....was punched in the face and indecently assaulted by Mohammed Kendeh, a 16-year-old from Sierra Leone. Astonishingly, at the time of the attack, Kendeh was under a supervision order for six other sex offences in the same park. Though the Home Office tried to deport Kendeh once he had served his sentence, an immigration judge overruled them. He ruled that Kendeh couldn't be sent back to Sierra Leone because the Human Rights Act enshrines his 'right to a family life'.

Daily Mail - The killer [Learco Chindamo] of headteacher Philip Lawrence poses a "genuine and present risk" to the public according to official papers handed to the courts by the Home Office, it was revealed tonight. Telegraph.co.uk - Why can't Learco Chindamo be deported to Italy? Article 8 of the Human Rights Act says that Chindamo has the right to a family life.

So there you go folks, rapists and murderers have more rights than a father in the glorious Human Rights Act. Maybe the father might love his child and want to be a positive influence on the child, can't have any of that can we, that would mean acknowledging that fathers play a role, can't say anything positive about bastard males can we. Will the child's wishes ever be considered, fat chance, it's leftists we're talking here folks, if they can't kill you before you're born, they'll punish you until you're dead.

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