Osama says thanks to Australia's public broadcasters -- the ABC and SBS

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"Terror is the most dreaded weapon in the modern age and the Western media are mercilessly using it against their own people," Why is the Western media establishment so anti-humane? Because it implants fear and helplessness in the psyche of the people of Europe and the United States. It means that what the enemies of the United States cannot do, its media are doing!" ..............Osama bin Laden

My complaints re the ABC and SBS are of not just bias, but an overriding political agenda, with savage daily anti Australian, anti American propaganda, painting the United States and Australia as oppressors, torturers and killers of Muslims and then broadcasting it into 40 countries throughout SE Asia, home to some 230 million Muslims, where this vitriol is sending a very clear message of sympathy and support for the terrorists cause, thus putting Australians and Americans at home and abroad at even more risk.

As publicly funded broadcasters, the ABC and SBS have a statutory duty to gather and present information that is "accurate and impartial" especially of the news and current affairs programs.

Now all is all fine and dandy if it was some innocuous programming that produced no threat to the community. Any government ministers watching these programs are very aware that the ABC and SBS have not only ignored their charter requirements, but engaged in an agenda of sedition and vilification, designed to drive a wedge between the Australian and US co-alition, while they send a very clear message of sympathy and support for the terrorists cause.

Balanced reporting? Accurate and impartial? A case in point: SBS Dateline (or "The George Negus Hate America Hour") crew succeeded in conning young American marines in Afghanistan that they were actually friends and allies. The imbedded SBS crew then filmed the burnt bodies of Taliban insurgents, and SBS is now proudly boasting of their achievement that this film is now being shown around the world which has greatly disturbed the US military, and I am sure special attention will be paid to it by the world's one billion Muslims. The fact that this has obviously put even more westerners, and especially those young American marines at even more risk means nothing to these multicultural cultist twits at SBS....

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