Christian Cross not Allowed as a Logo

Note the following U.S. news excerpt:

"A group called "Athletes United in Christ" sparked parent complaints at a Delaware high school assembly when it tried to promote a religious concert. The presentation at Newark High School in Newark, Del., was held with the purpose of encouraging students to make the right choices in life. Two parents complained about the Christian group, which handed out fliers about the concert and displayed its logo, which has the word "Christ" and a cross on it. The school immediately apologized"


Read on and you will see that the group did NOT preach Christianity. It just had a cross and the name of Christ on its literature. If a Christian group is providing a social service, why cannot it advertise itself as Christian? When big firms make charitable donations etc, they are pretty keen to let it be known who it was that did the donating! But despite all that, the fact that the very sign of a cross was "offensive" to two lulus trumped everything. I rather hope someone one day gives the lulus something real to be offended about. I think such whiners obviously need something to whine about.

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