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Four 'Australians' detained in Syria

FOUR ‘Australian’ women have been detained while trying to board a plane in Syria, reportedly after gun parts were found inside a child's toy. The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) said two women from Victoria and two from NSW were with two Iraqi women when they were detained at Damascus airport on Tuesday.

All six were of Iraqi origin, the department said.
Get stuffed, PC drool heads. If they’re smuggling guns into Australia, then bye bye passports. Bye bye citizenship. Why? Simple. Because we can.

Please do feel free to stay in Iraq, ladies, where you clearly belong.

The ABC has quoted a Syrian police source and a diplomatic source as saying the women entered the airport in the Syrian capital with a child.

They said the women were detained after the gun parts were found in a toy the child was holding.

The women were reportedly trying to board a flight bound for Australia.
Of course they were. Where gun-toting is just one of those essentials of modern Australian community life, right?

Syrian police were questioning the women, the ABC reported.

The ABC later reported that Syrian authorities were investigating whether the women might have been involved in a plot to hijack the plane.

But it was unclear if any hijacking plot would have been activated between Damascus and Bahrain, where the plane was due to stop over, or between Bahrain and the final destination in Australia.

"Consular officials from Cairo are seeking to confirm the reports and to provide consular assistance to the group," he said.
Do let me offer some advice as to how they might proceed:

Australian consular officials: ‘Can we inspect your passports, please?’
Ladies: (incoherent, as passports are handed over and hijabs are readjusted).
Australian consular officials (voices fading): ‘Thanks. Yes - that all - looks in order. . .’
Sounds of sprinting footsteps fading into the distance. . .

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