No mercy

Freedom fighters, minutemen, resistance, whatever you may think of them, they are simply murdering scumbags. When they can no longer take on the US Army and Iraqi Soldiers head on, these vermin target hospitals.

At least 30 people were killed and 27 wounded when a car bomb exploded outside a hospital in a town south of Baghdad, officials say. The bomb was detonated as two Iraqi police cars drew up near the general hospital in Mahmudiya, about 20km (12 miles) outside Baghdad.

A US military convoy passing by was also hit by the blast. Several Iraqi policemen were killed in the blast. Women and children were also among the many civilian casualties, including at least one medic at the hospital's emergency centre.

"I was leaving the hospital with my one-and-a-half-year-old son in my arms when the explosion happened," Huda Ali told the AFP news agency. "I was knocked down by the force of the blast and when I came to, my son was no longer in my arms. I found him among the dead."

The democrats and leftists, demand exit strategies, shoot off clever one liners like "Bush lied, thousands died", shed tears over the treatment of terrorists and flushed korans, vote against the war and support it, ask for a withdrawal and vote against it and how else we can bend over and weasel our way into surrendering more.

The odd fool will tell us that we need to know our enemy, we need to see it from their perspective, that the above murderers are not evil, just demonised and irrationally hated by a war mongering American cowboy. He and others probably laughed when that cowboy went to the bastion of liberty, China, and pleaded with them to allow more religious freedoms for 'their' people, they laughed when he couldn't open a locked door and broadcasted it around the world with glee. The odd buffoon will tell us George Bush and America are no better than these extremists, the terrorist threat is just stirred up, and muslims are being targeted.

But time and time again the extremists have displayed their eagerness to murder as many as they can.

Not content with the 200+ killed in Bali, the scum were planning to kill their loved ones as well, whilst attending the memorial service.

Jemaah Islamiah mastermind Azahari bin Husin was planning a suicide bomb attack on the memorial service held in Kuta last month for the 202 people who died in the Bali nightclub bombings three years ago.

George Bush must be sitting there in the oval office, speechless, holy Moses lord, I've been telling them this for the last.. I can't even remember how long it has been!!
Its starting to get through, though painfully slow.

King Abdullah of Jordan has called for a relentless war on Muslim extremists in the wake of the suicide bombings in Amman earlier this month. He said the attacks increased Jordan's determination to stick to its reform and democratisation process.

King Abdullah said Jordan's reforms were "irreversible" and the suicide attacks would not halt them. "At the same time, it reaffirms our need to adopt a comprehensive strategy to confront the Takfiri culture," he said. Takfiris believe contemporary Muslim society has reverted to a state of unbelief (kufr) and thus consider legitimate both rebellion against the state and acts of violence against Muslim citizens.

The king wants Mr Bakhit to "not only deal with the security dimension, but also the ideological, cultural and political spheres to confront those who chose the path of destruction and sabotage to reach their goals".

While we in the west, fall over ourselves to allow the radical cleric to preach hatred of us, in the name of freedom of speech. His next statement is even more encouraging.

He also called for a "relentless war on all the Takfiri schools, which embrace extremism, backwardness, isolation and darkness and are fed on the ignorance and naivety of simple people."

He said fatwas, or religious decrees, issued by Takfiri schools constituted a threat to Jordan's society and its interests.

While we are at it, can we get some fatwas issued against the above child murderers and their supporters, can we get some Islamic leaders to tell these virgin mongerers that they are hereby banished from Islam and will spend eternity caring for pigs, something to that effect.

Well it may be a few years late but the Arab world is starting to wake up, I wonder if any of this would ever have been possible if that unsophisticated cowboy has decided to navel-gaze, reflect, refer to the impotent UN, learn French, fire the odd cruise missile somewhere, make foreign policy decisions based on the latest opinion poll or what was written on the placard of the professional protestor.

What we need now is not exit strategies and throwing away all that has been won with blood and sacrifice, but a hardening of resolve, no quarter, no room to breathe, no voice, no rest for these wicked extremists; and support for America, the Iraqis, Afghans and now the Jordanians.

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