And Then There Were. . .More

Oh, but you can’t pursue Muslim plotters of evil because they’re, well, Muslims.

It’s a refrain I’ve been reading far too often, and the lead counter being offered up by, yes, you guessed it, other Muslims. But we’ll continue to let them bleat about the unfairness of being singled out, merely because of a few (and growing number of) seriously bad apples.

For noddy-headedness, however, it has few parallels:

Sydney group under constant watch

NEW South Wales Police Minister Carl Scully has revealed that a group of Sydney men were under constant surveillance.

The men are suspected of having links to terror suspects arrested in last week's raids, and have been under 24 hour surveillance. "There are a number of persons of interest who will be the subject of continuing monitoring, both for intelligence and the gathering of possible evidence," Mr Scully told a Sydney newspaper.

"They want to be aware that if they so much as think of planning something, we will be on to them."

He described those being watched as having links to the "main group of suspects" but there was not enough evidence to arrest them.

Meanwhile, Mr Keelty has described the discovery of a burnt out car at Bankstown in Sydney as a "significant" breakthrough in the terrorism investigation, as authorities sought "corroboration of all the facts before the court," the newspaper reported.
Well, fancy that. You mean there are even more Muslim fanatics running around, with some Jihadi fun and frolics in mind? From what we’ve been hearing from our local Muslim talking heads (poor Muslims, can’t target Muslims, can’t arrest Muslims, can’t even look at Muslims sidewise, really) – well, who’d have thunk it possible?

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