An Angry Brew

Recall the screaming ‘Table Crusader’ and his merry band of haymaking Gorillas? Well, this has brightened up my day tremendously. . .

We don't want to work with these thugs

SCORES of factory workers say they don't want to work alongside the thugs who bashed cameramen outside a court where nine men were facing terrorism charges.
Scores? Is that all? They won’t be the only ones. I think most of the country feels very much the same way about these characters. Notice they don’t mention the dreaded ‘M’ word. Do let me fix that. . .

Three of five [Muslim] men who savagely beat a Channel 7 cameraman and hit a Herald Sun photographer outside the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Tuesday work at the Safeway distribution centre in Broadmeadows. The centre, which employs more than 500 workers, has twice been brought to a standstill this week as management tries to ease rising tensions.

500 to 3? Hmmmmm - odds the Table Crusader and his friends might envy. . .

One of the three [Muslim] men is believed to have returned to work on Wednesday night and received a hostile reception from workmates. He was told by management to go home.

One worker at the centre said a group of colleagues had to be talked out of a plan to take the law into their own hands. "Some of the guys wanted to bash them," he said. "They were going to wait for them to knock off and get them. They're edgy about working alongside these blokes."

A dose of their own medicine, hey? Now there’s a novel idea. Dear Mister Muslim redneck – meet a couple of someones who don’t much care for your red neck. . .

Anger was brewing on the factory floor.
I’ll bet it is.

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