Is this a first?

When we hear of suicide bombers or discover evidence of plotting death and mayhem or hear the odd cleric calling for our destruction, we sometimes dismiss them as raving lunatics.
However is there any evidence that any of these islamic fundamentalists are mentally ill?

It appears we have a first, either that or the academics are already making excuses and have another pill to cure the evil that is terrorism, some good old group therapy. Hello, my name is death-to-infidel, and I am addicted to murdering those who do not agree with me, it first started...

A terrorism suspect who police say wanted to die in an attack was described as schizophrenic in a psychiatric report prepared less than two months ago. Khaled Sharrouf, 24, was diagnosed as a schizophrenic four years ago and suffers mental illness that would probably have influenced his behaviour in making the alleged remarks, according to the author of one of the reports.

He had been in trouble with the law a few months earlier, when police pulled him over for a breath test and discovered he was driving without a licence. According to a report prepared in September by a psychiatrist, Olav Nielssen, police said Sharrouf became "extremely irate and agitated" when they questioned him. As a Muslim who never drank, he resented being breath tested, Dr Nielssen recalled.

The public would probably argue that most criminals would resent being caught, but I suppose because we don't have a wall of certificates and years of academic experience, fools like us wouldn't know such things.

In the report he produced for Sharrouf's court appearance over the driving charge, Dr Nielssen said the father of three, from Wiley Park, had heard "voices" since he was 18 but did not know where they were coming from.

Last night Dr Nielssen said there was little doubt that Sharrouf's mental illness may have influenced comments police say he made when telling Melbourne cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika saying he wanted to die. "I think if he's mentally ill, his judgement and reasoning may be impaired and he might be affected by symptoms of mental illness like abnormal beliefs," Dr Nielssen said.

Death to all infidels, burn down Amerikkka (did I spell that correctly), drive the Jews into the sea, after much speculation, heated debate, and consulting with fellow shrinks we can only conclude these are 'abnormal beliefs'.

Dr Nielssen's report quotes Ms Langovski saying Sharrouf told her his father had been tough and had imposed "severe punishments". His father had left his children when Sharrouf was aged 10 or 12 and had returned to Lebanon.

Sharrouf had been in trouble at school and had been expelled at the beginning of year nine and had not been accepted at a school for problem children. Sharrouf's "attention was impaired, as was his ability to register and retrieve information such as the birthdays of his children", Dr Nielssen said.

I was waiting for the, not enough attention from the Mother, not enough hugs and kisses, not enough praise, not enough positive reinforcement or something similar.

Obviously if the fellow is mentally ill, get him some treatment, but lets not forget what he is accused of plotting to do, it's not stealing sweets or breaking the speed limit, it's mass murder, if found guilty, this fellow needs to be kept in some institution, not released after some group therapy sessions.

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