Initial Reactions Worrisome

Cry Havoc and let slip the doctors of spin! Okay, that was cheesy but so are the initial reactions of some officials to the Fifth Estate documentary on airport security. If you have not seen the hour long program entitled Fasten Your Seatbelts check out the previous post.

One of the first to speak out was Connie Turner, spokesperson for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority who refuted charges that former US Navy Seal and FAA security investigator Steve Elson gained access to secure areas.
"In his case, he was already in the secure area."
What? It gets better.
"So those doors are kept locked only because we don't want people wandering into areas that might be unsafe for them. They are not there to prevent someone from getting into a secure area."
Good grief. She makes about as much sense as Mark Duncan did. He didn't gain unauthorized access to a secure area when he obtained those codes - he was already in a secure area. Hahahah, only in Canada.

Federal Transport Minister Jean Lapierre didn't fare much better defending the lapses by stating no system is foolproof. If one subscribes to that kind of logic one can justify any shortcoming by saying nothing is perfect. I guess the Liberals would know. On a more encouraging note he did say he will launch an investigation into the incidents.
"I've seen excerpts of the report and I'm interested in having more details."
It's a start. But already the spin doctoring worries me.

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