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My personal selection of the most interesting recent posts and articles on the current situation

What is really happening in France: "It is not anger that is driving the insurgents to take it out on the secularised welfare states of Old Europe. It is hatred. Hatred caused not by injustice suffered, but stemming from a sense of superiority. The "youths" do not blame the French, they despise them. Most observers in the mainstream media (MSM) provide an occidentocentric analysis of the facts. They depict the "youths" as outsiders who want to be brought into Western society and have the same rights as the natives of Old Europe. The MSM believe that the "youths" are being treated unjustly because they are not a functioning part of Western society. They claim that, in spite of positive discrimination, subsidies, public services, schools, and all the provisions that have been made for immigrants over the years, access has been denied them. This is the marxist rhetoric of the West that has been predominant in the media and the chattering classes since the 1960s. But it does not fit the facts of the situation in Europe today... Those media that tell us that the rioting "youths" want to be a part of our society and feel left out of it, are misrepresenting the facts. As the insurgents see it, they are not a part of our society and they want us to keep out of theirs..... the insurgents are viewing the politicians and the pundits with contempt and amusement. If there is "anger" of a kind, it is no more than infuriation at the, from their point of view, arrogant presumption of the French politicians that Muslims would even consider adopting, let alone abiding by rules that the French have set".

Eurabian fights: "The banlieues are not equivalent to American inner cities. This is not a replay of 'the fire next time.' The outcome will not be the kind of affirmative action that brought black stockbrokers to Wall Street and black actors to starring roles in TV commercials and sitcoms. What we are seeing is a jihad-style insurgency waged against a country that has fervently fostered the Eurabian fusion project."

Even the socialists are begining to stir: "Yesterday, Michel Pajon, the mayor of Noisy-le-Grand near Paris, asked for the French army to intervene and stop the violence which is taking over France. The mayor - a Socialist - went on French radio to say that what is happening in his country is absolutely appalling"

A different view: "Most commentators see the recent riots in Paris (and, it now seems, throughout much of the rest of the country) as evidence of France's failure to assimilate immigrants into the body politic. But perhaps it is just the opposite, that the riots, in fact, signify that these immigrants have assimilated French culture and politics. I don't mean to be flip, but to a great extent and perhaps more than any developed nation, the history of France has been written in the streets. My quick and dirty recall of French history suggests that many of its most pivotal moments (both good and bad) have resulted from popular uprising."

It had to happpen: Some people on Daily Kos are saying that GWB is to blame for the riots in France! (Hat Tip to Pubcrawler)

Maybe the French should ask their Swiss neighbours about how to run an immigration policy. You can read here how hard it is to become a Swiss. They actually require immigrants to INTEGRATE into Swiss society! Of course pro-immigration lobbyists will say Swiss style regulations will 'harm' the economy and undermine global integration, yet Swiss per capita income is greater than most of their West European neighbours and their unemployment rate is approximately half.

Stating the now obvious: "In the immediate aftermath of the September 11 attacks, the US media became preoccupied with a key question: "Why do they hate us so much?" A fair-minded people, the Americans believed there must be a good, rational explanation why 19 educated, economically comfortable young men would ram planes into buildings, killing themselves along with thousands of innocents. Among the many reasons proffered, one that appeared frequently - and drew concern in Jerusalem - was that it was all due to US support for Israel. If the US would only toe a more pro-Arab, pro-Palestinian line, this argument ran, then the Arab and Muslim masses wouldn't hate it so. The events in Paris over the last 12 days have confirmed the vacuity of this argument. Since the mid-1960s, France has consistently been among the most pro-Arab countries in western Europe".

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