You Can't Win Sometimes

A British bank was trying to figure out how to handle their staff redundancies in the most sensitive way possible. Sound fair? Sounds fair to me. So who would you ask about how their existing sacking procedures were perceived? The Archbishop of Canterbury? The Dalai Lama? The Pope? The Oracle of Delphi? How about asking the last lot of people who had actually been sacked? Sound the most obvious source of information doesn't it? It does to me. BUT:

"High street bank Abbey has been criticised by unions after it emerged it has written to former employees asking them what it was like to lose their jobs. The company has written to staff forced out of their jobs earlier this year and asked them to share their experiences of being made redundant and how it affected them. It plans to use the information, from more than 1,000 online questionnaires, to improve its redundancy processes".


I think that if I were in charge of the bank concerned, I would give up at that point. If you don't ask, you are "insensitive". If you DO ask, you are still "insensitive". I think we need a lot LESS "sensitivity" all round myself.

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