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It has been a few days, since we stopped hearing about the rioting in Anti American HQ, France. I thought, the flames had all but burnt out and peace had returned, Chirac and his band of merry apologists had gotten through to the rioters and they had all returned to the lotus positions and resumed life in the alternate universe; filled with group therapy, conferencing, hand holding and navel gazing. It appears not, the meetings and furious voting continues.

The French parliament has approved a three-month extension of emergency laws aimed at curbing riots by urban youths. The government says it still needs extra powers to end almost three weeks of civil unrest in France's poor, largely immigrant suburbs.

Almost 9,000 cars have been torched and about 3,000 people have been arrested.

If we assume the average price of the cars was AU$10000, that's 90 million Australian Dollars. Maybe cars in France cost a 100 dollars, so they don't really care much about it. That's just the cars, who knows what the true cost was, and it continues.

Violence continued across France on Tuesday night but fewer cars were set on fire than during previous nights. Nationwide, 163 cars were burnt - almost down to the levels seen before the riots began last month. National Police Chief Michel Gaudin said on Tuesday the decline showed France was "getting back to normal".

So an average of around a 120 (I'll be conservative) cars burnt out every night is considered normal. We in Australian and other western countries have been pretty slack; in fact we've been down right lazy.

But Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin told parliament "we cannot accept that more than 200 cars burn each night".

Oh shut up you buffoon, its less than 200, what the hell are you squealing about, 163 is perfectly acceptable, what's a few cars being 'creatively' burnt by precious youth. Did you know polygamy was acceptable in France, offcourse its all in the name of appeasement, and multicultural accommodation.

Meanwhile, senior officials from President Jacques Chirac's centre-right party have suggested that polygamy is one factor in the riots, arguing children of polygamous families have less of a father figure and are more likely to live in overcrowded conditions. Polygamy is illegal in France but until 1993, it was possible for immigrants to bring more than one wife from their home country to join them.

I hope the greens, left wing movements, lawyers, civil libertarians and law societies join the Greens in opposing the extension of the totalitarian laws that curb the democratic rights of youth to burn and pillage. There must be mass protests, silent, noisy and both to decry this flagrant violation of human rights.

The Socialist opposition attacked plans to extend the state of emergency, pointing out that few local governors had chosen to impose it.

I wonder if they are still planning to deport the rioters, or has the political back muscle softened now that the burning is back to pre rioting levels.

Meanwhile, some good news out of Iraq

I remember hearing an American democrat Senator, threatening to punch George Bush, during the New Orleans Hurricane fiasco. She'd probably be the first to accuse the Bush Administration of not ensuring a free, safe and cosy trial for an ex tyrant, now common thug.

Saddam Hussein was attacked by two court clerks while undergoing questioning for his trial, Iraqi television has reported. The clerks were reported to have punched him several times after he allegedly insulted two Shia saints.

The former Iraqi leader was being interrogated over the crushing of the Shia rebellion in southern Iraq, which followed the first Gulf War. Tens of thousands of Shias were killed, and the shrines of the half-brothers Imam Hussein and Imam Abbasin the Shia holy city of Karbala were damaged by Saddam Hussein's forces.

I'm sure there would be a few million Shia and Kurds who would pay good money to trade places with those two clerks.

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