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I occasionally correspond with expatriate Australian blogger Blithering Bunny, so I was pleased to see that he recently got a link in The Guardian's survey of prominent British bloggers. Here is a recent paragraph from his blog that is spot-on:

"One of the basic rules of blogdom is don't make empty threats to sue bloggers who mock you, because they'll just report all your threats to their readers for a good laugh. You especially don't want to do this to Tex at Whacking Day because he'll take the piss for the rest of your life. But that's just what Thom Lyons, an Australian Green Party candidate and a Fidel-loving watermelon, has - been - doing - recently".

The Greenie concerned, Thom Lyons, sounds like a definite mental case to me. Read Tex's quotations from him if you doubt it. He probably makes sense to the Greenies, though.

I am pleased to note that one of the bloggers mentioned in The Guardian article -- Norm Geras -- already has my new Australian Politics blog on his blogroll. Norm is still a Marxist of sorts but a very fair-minded one. As I recollect, he and I corresponded a couple of times when I was doing my MarxWords blog.

Pleasing that Australian Politics got 300 hits in a recent 24 hour period. Pretty good for a brand-new blog. Some of that will be an initial surge of course so what the return visitor numbers will be like is anyone's guess. It is the only one of my own blogs where I have a comments facility so anybody who has always wanted to comment at me now has a better chance! I will delete any drongo comments, though. Australians will know what a drongo is.

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