The Dogs of War Are Howling

It's only been a short while since the corruption-laden Liberal government bit the dust but already the Liberal apologists are at it. I'm flipping back and forth between CPAC, Newsworld and Newsnet and it's becoming clear the road Martin and his followers intend to take,
  1. the talking heads insist AdScam involved only a few Liberal officials
  2. the talking heads are bragging about the federal budget surplus
  3. the talking heads insist Canadians don't want a Christmas election campaign
First off, if Paul Martin and his trained seals pursue the notion that AdScam involved only a few Liberal officials, then I suspect their permanent demise will be quick and painless. Come on you guys. Have you read the Gomery Report? All the Conservatives have to do is quote from that very report and the Liberal claims will vapourize as quickly as their moral authority to govern.

Secondly, I wouldn't brag about that surplus too much. Instead of gloating about the surplus perhaps we should examine just how it was achieved. Geez Louise I'm taking home less money now then I was a few years ago! I guess it's easy to consistently post a budgetary surplus when you tax the shit out of the peasants! Until the Martinites can claim the surplus came about as a result of a strong economy and sound fiscal management don't talk to me about budgetary surpluses.

And then there is the nonsense about people not wanting a Christmas election campaign. I suppose there is no pleasing the apathetic crowd but don't tell me that anyone who has an even slight interest in politics doesn't want a holiday campaign. As I asked a couple of weeks ago, how will an election interfere in the festivities? The actual vote won't even occur until either mid or late January. But even if it took place on Christmas Day itself so what? You only vote once and it's over. Nay, it's the Liberals who don't want the election at this point in time. Reeling from the first installment of the Gomery Report, the Liberals were hoping to stall an election call at least until spring time at the earliest. In the meantime, the game plan would have been to smother us with a feel good budget in the hopes that throwing around some dough would help Canadians forget AdScam. Not likely. Don't believe me? One only has to look at the massive spending increases the Liberals have announced recently. Nice try Mr. Prime Minister but it won't work. There will be no spring time election. There will be no fat-laden feel good budget to smother us with. The day of reckoning is fast approaching.

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