Brownian Motion

Brownian Motion: Vibratory, haphazard motion observed in microscope preparations. Tiny particles suspended in fluid, such as dust in cigarette smoke or Brown's pollen grains, when and seen through microscope, are in a constant state of random motion.

Greens Senator Bob Brown announced today he has sent the government’s Anti-Terrorism Bill (No.2) 2005 to the United Nations Human Rights Committee for assessment.

Bully for you Bob. I really hope you get some action on this issue by the time this Bill gets approved. Or at least a letter acknowledging your efforts from the UN.

“Extensive evidence before the Senate inquiry showed how these terror laws breach Australia’s legal obligations under international law”, Senator Brown said. “We will be asking the United Nations to review the laws in light of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights.”

Bob 'Snitch' Brown is hoping the omnipotent UN Human Rights Committee will endorse the removal of the government and install one that will implement UN governance. Bob's also hoping to see some more 'fairies' at the bottom of his garden.

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