Insulting Jews is OK of Course

We all know now that we can't mention Halloween in case it upsets Wiccans and even MENTIONING blacks is a no-no if you are a sports coach. But Jews? No problem! They've been everybody's whipping boy for thousands of years so let the fun continue! And if even the French Ambassador to the Court of St. James can refer to Israel as "that shitty little country", surely anyone can diss Jews! And so it seems to be:

"For the second time in barely a year, a contestant on Donald Trump's TV show "The Apprentice" has made an anti-Semitic remark. And once again, the offender was not penalized for doing so. On this week's episode, Clay Lee, a 28-year-old Texas real estate agent, explains (in front of an audience) that his Jewish teammate, Adam Israelov, was cheap on a date because Adam is a "tight Jewish boy." Clay's later apology seems half-hearted, and with Adam out of the room, he blames Adam for being overly sensitive, asserting that Adam "needs to learn to relax.""


The furious Leftist hatred of Israel is clearly fueling a re-emergence of open antisemitism. For the record, there are only two Jews who figure in my personal life and both of them are utter gentlemen.

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