Muslim leaders are outraged! Outraged at this. . .outraged. . .at. . . . . . . . .at. . . . .

Sorry – nodded off for a moment there.

MUSLIM leaders are outraged that model Michelle Leslie ditched her headscarf for singlet and champers as she flew to Singapore after being deported from Bali as a convicted drug user.

They branded the bodypaint-to-burqa convert a fake. "We've got no time for these pseudo-Muslims," said Dr Ameer Ali, head of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. "I'd like to tell her: you can't have it both ways."

Dr Ali said it was obvious Leslie was using Islam for her own convenience.

"If she wants to give up, she should publicly declare she is no longer Muslim."
What are you really outraged at, Ameer? At the fact that she might have pulled a swifty, or that a non-Muslim got 'justice' it didn't deserve? One rule for us, one rule for ‘them’? Sniffy that the swift hand of bigoted Islamic retribution was denied its kaffir slapping post?


PS: as for Michelle, no comment. I'm bored to tears with it.

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