Insanity, Thy Name Is. . .

Of course, we can’t allow ourselves to jump to conclusions here - fair trial and all that - though I’m rather curious as to how much the Lefties would be shrieking about ‘fair trials’ were these characters a group of declared Neo-Nazis (as opposed to the sotto voce Islamofascist variety). . .

Methinks ‘deafening silence’ would be the order of the day.

Terror suspects 'near N-reactor'

POLICE stopped three Sydney terrorist suspects near the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor in December 2004, a court has been told.

The police fact sheet tendered in relation to eight Sydney terrorist suspects who faced Sydney's Central Local Court last Friday was released to the media this morning. The document states that Mazen Touma, Mohammed Elomar and Abdul Rakib Hasan were stopped in their car by New South Wales police near the nuclear facility at Lucas Heights, in Sydney's south, in December 2004.

The men also had a trail bike and claimed they were there to ride it, the document said. But according to the fact sheet, when interviewed separately, all three gave different versions of the day's events to police.

"Police inquiries revealed the access lock for a gate to a reservoir of the reactor had recently been cut," the fact sheet said.

Mr Touma, Mr Elomar and Mr Hasan, along with five other Sydney men, have been charged with conspiring to manufacture explosives in preparation for a terrorist act.

They will reappear in Central Local Court on December 5.
Let’s just stop a moment, to consider the upshot of a successful breach of reactor containment at Lucas Heights, shall we?

Puts Osama’s question to our so-called ‘super-grass’ in some perspective, doesn’t it: ‘How well do they treat the Muslims there (in Australia)’. . .

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